10.24.2016, Sasha Wright & Margaret Spilman

Sasha Wright writes about time traveling lesbians, and other speculative fiction stories filled with queers and magic. In previous lives she’s been a direct action activist, a union organizer and a world traveler, but most of her fiction is set in her hometown of Oakland, CA. She has only published depressing nonfiction articles about politics, … More 10.24.2016, Sasha Wright & Margaret Spilman

10.17.2016, Emily Pinkerton & Kar Johnson

Raised in the shadow of Houston refineries, Emily Pinkerton currently lives and writes in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an MFA candidate at San Francisco State University, and her writing has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Juked, BlazeVOX, Pith, and LEVELER, among others. Her first chapbook, Natural Disasters, was recently released with … More 10.17.2016, Emily Pinkerton & Kar Johnson

10.10.2016, Branden Balenzuela & Jacob Walse-Dominguez

Branden E. Balenzuela, the mad prophet, Donatello La Poeta, is a San Francisco Native. While attaining a BA in English, Creative Writing in his home town, he discovered a passion driven by something beyond his control, this passion was the spoken word. Whether it manifest via poems on page, words on stage, or words backed … More 10.10.2016, Branden Balenzuela & Jacob Walse-Dominguez

10.3.2016, Jen Cross and Ellen Azevedo

Ellen Azevedo is in her second year of the Creative Nonfiction MFA program at SF State. The majority of herwriting focuses on travel and her frustrations with public education in this country. She has also recently begun writing fantasy and sci-fi, which was probably inevitable. There’s a good chance she’s wearing Harry Potter socks right … More 10.3.2016, Jen Cross and Ellen Azevedo

9.26.2016, Kimberly Reyes & Danielle Truppi

Kimberly Reyes writes video game copy by day and is a warrior poeting MFA candidate at SFSU by night. She’s a second-generation NYer who can’t seem to stay grounded in any state or country, feeling most at home at U2 and Duran Duran shows, eighties-themed rollerskating rinks, and any ballpark where she can drunkenly pretend … More 9.26.2016, Kimberly Reyes & Danielle Truppi

9.19.2016, Keith Donnell & Philip Harris

We are honored to have these two talented writers who both explore personal histories deeply rooted in place and history. Philip Harris was born in Southern California and currently lives in San Francisco. He doesn’t know where home is anymore but hopes wherever he lands they have burritos. He recently finished his first novel. His … More 9.19.2016, Keith Donnell & Philip Harris